Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maternity Shoot

The words, "taking pictures" have always brought me a little anxiety.  
Its not the actual taking pictures that gives me the anxiety, 
it's the fear of the finished product that stresses me out. 
 I am always afraid of seeing all those flaws I don't like about myself in the pictures. 

As many of you know, I have not taken many pictures of myself pregnant,  
and I certainly have not posted many of the ones I have taken for people to see.
I am afraid of what people might see, worse yet, think.
I don't exactly want to show off just how much weight I have really gained.

The fear of taking maternity pictures is no different for me.  It gives me anxiety.
However, I do not want to look back and regret not having photos of this sweet time in my life.  
I want Macie to be able to look back at pictures of when she was in my tummy.
I want to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy and be proud of this miracle growing inside me.

So...I decided to face my fears.

I went to my Sister-In-Law, Shara Bachman, and asked if she'd take our pictures.
Shara has an incredible eye for art, photography, and beauty and I feel completely safe with her.
Although I will never "love" pictures of myself, 
I have find myself in love with the pictures she took of our sweet, little,  growing family.
She is simply amazing!

Now for the moment I dread...

I posted a few of the photos from our Maternity Shoot for you all to see.  
(AHHH!  Heart racing, anxiety rising)

Hope you've enjoyed!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

As most of you know, Jacob and I are expecting a little one, come this September.  Lately I have been getting the question a lot, "Do you know what you are having yet?"  My response has been, "not yet."
Well, this past Friday, I was able to get and ultrasound to find out our babies gender.  

My sister-in-law and another friend gave me the idea to not find out at the appointment, but to have a "gender reveal party" at a later time.  So we took their ideas and made it into our own.  On Friday, April 22, we planned a gender reveal party with our family and closest friends.  

I ordered a cheesecake from Eddies bakery, gave them the envelope with the gender inside it, they put what it was on the cake for me, and then sealed the box so that I couldn't see inside it.

We asked everyone to show up in blue if they thought boy and pink if they thought girl.

Here is Team Blue!

Here is Team Pink!

As you can see, most of us thought boy.  After some long anticipation and waiting, it was time to open the cake box and reveal our babies gender....
its a...

We are so excited!!!

Miss Macie Lynn Frazier!!!
September 20, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

God's Little Surprises...

Have you ever tried to plan out your life...or even just your year?  Have you ever gone as far a even writing that plan out, or better yet, making a PowerPoint of your goals?  I have.  In December I was challenged by my boss to write out my personal goals for the year.  These goals included work, home, self, financial, health and faith goals.  So, I wrote out my goals, made them into a PowerPoint and was ready to start working towards those goals.  That is until God stepped in with His divine intervention and said, "I have a different plan for you this year and for your life!"

In January my husband and I found out that I was pregnant!!!  We were both surprised, a little nervous and a lot excited.  Surprised because this was not written down in my goals until the end of this year. Nervous because this put some changes in our financial goals, and let's face it, we are about to go down a road neither one of us has ever been on before.  But mostly excited because being a mother is the one thing I have always been sure about in my life,

1st Ultrasound
2nd Ultrasound

So as of today, I am 12 weeks and 4 days.  Little Baby Frazier is due in mid September.  Please keep all three of us in your prayers as we prepare for this little blessing to arrive.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Very First Blog

Today is my very first blog ever!  I can't lie, it took me forever to set up my page, pick out a background, figure out how to upload the background, pick the fonts and colors and not to mention, remember to save it every time I changed it.  To tell you  the truth, I am still not 100% satisfied with the final product, and I am sure I will continue to work on improving the look of it, but for now it will just have to do.

 I have never been much of a writer, or even much of a journaler, in fact, I never really even saw the point in having a blog...sharing my thoughts has always been something that I struggle with.  I just recently started following a blog that I have found myself addicted to.  Because of this writer's captivating thoughts about her daily walk with God, her daily devotionals and other encouraging thoughts,  I have found myself thinking constantly about my day, my devotionals, my walk with God, and just about life.  I've found myself wishing I had a blog just to write out my thoughts from the day, to reflect on my walk with God or just to post exciting things going on with the Frazier family.  It wasn't until a conversation I had last night with one of my dear High School students, that motivated me to actually create a blog for the Frazier Family.

So...Here I am!!!

Hope you all enjoy, as I am excited to actually start using it.